Maintenance Mode


This plugin is based on an older version of the “Maintenance Redirect” plugin developed by Jack Finch and Peter Hardy-vanDoorn.

Allows you to specify a maintenance mode message or HTML page for your site as well as configure settings to allow specific users to bypass the maintenance mode functionality in order to preview the site prior to public launch, etc.

Any logged in user with WordPress administrator privileges will be allowed to view the site regardless of the settings in the plugin. The exact privilege can be set using a filter hook – see FAQs.

The behaviour of this can be enabled or disabled at any time without losing any of settings configured in its settings pane. However, deactivating the plugin is recommended versus having it activated while disabled.

Functionality to exclude pages from maintenance mode, so only the selected pages will be visible.

When redirect is enabled it can send 2 different header types. “200 OK” is best used for when the site is under development and “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” is best for when the site is temporarily taken offline for small amendments. If used for a long period of time, 503 can damage your Google ranking.

A list of IP addresses can be set up to completely bypass maintenance mode. This option is useful when needing to allow a client’s entire office to access the site while in maintenance mode without needing to maintain individual access keys.

Access keys work by creating a key on the user’s computer that will be checked against when maintenance mode is active. When a new key is created, a link to create the access key cookie will be emailed to the email address provided. Access can then be revoked either by disabling or deleting the key.

This plugin allows four methods of notifying users that a site is undergoing maintenance:

  1. They can be presented with a message using WordPress’s wp_die() function which is core function of WordPress, which makes this plugin feel and work as a part of WordPress core.
  2. They can be presented with a message on a page created with the style of the current template.
  3. They can be presented with a custom HMTL page.
  4. They can be redirected to a static page or external URL.

Important Notice

Note on REST API Access

This plugin does not block access to the WordPress REST API. If you require blocking or restricting access to the REST API, we recommend using alternative methods or dedicated plugins designed for this purpose.



  1. Upload the hkdev-maintenance-mode folder to your plugins directory (usually /wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the settings through the Maintenance Mode Settings panel.


How can I bypass the redirect programatically?

There is a filter which allow you to programatically bypass the redirection block:


This allows you to run pretty much any test you like, although be aware that the whole redirection thing runs before the $post global is set up, so WordPress conditionals such as is_post() and is_tax() are not available.

This example looks in the $_SERVER global to see if any part of the URL contains “demo”

function my_hkdev_matches( $hkdev_matches ) {
    if ( stristr( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'demo' ) ) 
        $hkdev_matches[] = "<!-- Demo -->";
    return $hkdev_matches;
add_filter( "hkdev_matches", "my_hkdev_matches" );`

Props to @brianhenryie for this!

How can I let my logged-in user see the front end?

By default, Maintenance Mode uses the manage_options cap, but that is normally only applied to administrators. As it stands, a user with a lesser permissions level, such as editor, is able to view the admin side of the site, but not the front end. You can change this using this filter:


This filter is used to pass a different WordPress capability to check if the logged-in user has permission to view the site and thus bypass the redirection, such as edit_posts. Note that this is run before $post is set up, so WordPress conditionals such as is_post() and is_tax() are not available. However, it’s not really meant for programatically determining whether a user should have access, but rather just changing the default capability to be tested, so you don’t really need to do anything other than the example below.

function my_hkdev_user_can( $capability ) {
    return "edit_posts";
add_filter( "hkdev_user_can", "my_hkdev_user_can" );


Октябрь 14, 2023-ж. 1 reply
Lightweight, simple, customizable and nothing superfluous.Thank you and further development! Unfortunately, in version 2.4.5 (for me), the ability to add individual pages to an exception has disappeared.
Июнь 24, 2023-ж.
It would be even cooler if we could use the block editor instead of the classic editor so that we can customize the design and the content with gutenberg blocks! Or if it could accept shortcodes so that we can at least easily hook content inside.
Январь 28, 2023-ж.
Not a bloated/overdone plugin. Nice and simple and works well. 5 stars. Good work.
Ноябрь 12, 2022-ж.
It’s rock solid and without any bloating. Good job, dev!
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